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Glucosaminylmuramyl Peptides

Glucosaminylmuramyl peptides are novel, synthetic analogs of bacterial cell wall glycopeptides which act as modulators of humoral and cellular immunity reactions. These analogs possess immunoadjuvant and protective activity against bacterial and viral, including tumorigenic infections.
The new analogs listed here differ from well known muramyl peptides in that they contain GlnNAc or GlcNAcMurNAcGlcNAc attached to muramic acid of muramyl peptides via the B(1-4) glycosiodic bond.
The synthetic glucoasaminylmuramyl peptides are characterized by thin layer chromatography, HPLC, amino acid analysis, carbohydrate analysis and NMR spectrometry. The content of the major component is 95-98%.

Glucosaminylmuramyl peptides are unique tools for investigating the molecular mechanisms of immune regulation, providing distinctive means for immunogenic studies of adjuvant properties. They have been used in research for:

  • promoting gain in live weight farm animals (cattle, birds)

  • prophylaxis and treatment of intestinal and respiratory diseases in cattle

  • vaccination of animals, particularly as a substitute for Freund's complete adjuvant

  • HPLC:
    Ultrasphere ODS column 4.6x150mm. Gradient of acetonitrile in aqueous TFA, pH 2.5. Flow rate 1ml/min. UV 206nm detector.
    Spectrum in D2O solution at 360 MHz confirms the structure.

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